Brittnay’s Corner: I Used To Be A Use To…


I remember being the girl that would just “go with the flow.” Not honoring what I truly wanted in relationships, hardly ever objecting or resisting the suggestions and opinions of others, making their thoughts and ideas more important than my own. Yeah, I USED to be THAT girl… (**cues Meek Mill “Use To Be”)

Nowadays I’ve grown into my own person, accepting and embracing ALL of the WOMAN that I have become. Especially because I’ve worked so hard to become HER. But I’m noticing the strangest thing happening all around me simultaneously. As my evolution brings me closer to my SOURCE, and now that I am understanding and embracing EXACTLY who I AM; as I become more comfortable with myself, and as I express more self-love and become more vocal about my own desires and feelings, I’m noticing that this evolved version of myself doesn’t sit well with everyone.

In the past few weeks alone, I’ve experienced a barrage of criticism from complete strangers, and some friends, involving their perception of me. I’ve heard things such as, “You come off as a little arrogant,” a bit aggressive, cocky, like you might not take direction very well.” I’ve been told to tone it down,”don’t be so articulate, you’ll intimidate people” (Mind you, this has been said to me in regards to my work place mainly).  It ALL just COMPLETELY blows my mind!! Can you tell?… For me, it feels weird because I was always the one that was considered “so easy going,”… but I wasn’t happy within. But now… OH BUT NOW!

Had I taken any of this criticism to heart, I would be back where I was years ago when I was insecure, indecisive, and oh so lost… Confidence didn’t come easy for me, its something that I’ve intentionally and diligently worked at. I’ve taken some major blows emotionally and psychologically throughout my life, and ultimately I decided that I wouldn’t allow any of it to define me. Still today it takes constant reinforcement and “reminders to self.” I now embody more confidence than I ever have because I choose to believe in myself, and I completely trust myself to always do whats right and what resonates as true from within me. My life experiences have taught me that no one else has the answers to my path but my SOURCE and I.

Much to my surprise, this recent criticism is something that I am actually learning to embrace. To me, it symbolizes that I am on my path to being exactly where GOD wants me to be, because I KNOW who I AM, and WHAT I want, and I’m not afraid to stand up for that. I’m finally at a place where no one else’s opinion of me, or my life matters. Now being mediocre and going with the flow no longer serves me and my ultimate purpose. I was born with a greatness on the inside of me that had been suppressed and looked over for far too long. And this conscious space that I am currently in is calling me to bring forth this greatness, no matter what it involves or who it offends. “Sorry I’m NOT sorry…” I have a desire to be GREAT in ALL that I do. And I don’t care what anyone thinks, my light will shine brighter than ever before! And it feels soooo GOOOD!

Wishing you ALL Love and LIGHT!


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Words of Wisdom: Stay Open… (via @TheDailyLove)

“After a few (or many) bad relationships, it’s so easy to shut down, give up, and stop believing that the right person is out there for us. Our hearts yearn to fall in love, but our minds insist it’s not possible, and we enter into a tug-of-war with ourselves. It’s as if one part of us is screaming, “Yes! I deserve a great relationship!” while another part insists, “I’ll never find him or her.” When our beliefs contradict our desires, we experience an inner conflict that not only paralyzes us, but can actually prevent us from recognizing the possibilities for love that exist all around us.” 

– Arielle Ford, author of “The Soulmate Secret” & “Wabi Sabi Love”

Featured Dream Chaser UPDATE: Misha Vaidya Does NY Fashion Week 2012!!!

That’s right, former Featured Dream Chaser, and creator of By Misha clothing line, Misha Vaidya is headed to  New York Fashion Week 2012. If you remember her inspiring story, then you know that someone’s been doing some major grinding in 2011.

Having recently completed her 2nd photo shoot EVER, Misha is on her way to the land of opportunities abound for a fashion designer. Not too bad for newbie ;-). Check out the official invitation and RSVP if you’ll be in the area.

I’m still drooling over her “Tea Time” Collection. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Check out some pictures from By Misha’s Tea Time Collection… the vision that started it all.

My Unexpected Degree In Psychology ( I Didn’t Do It On Purpose!)

When I signed up to get a Master’s Degree in Public Relations, I was signing up to do what I had always done ever since I was a little girl… Try to gain understanding so that I could create understanding among many. I didn’t realize that life was leading me towards my purpose until a couple of days ago…

It’s funny how nothing in life is ever coincidental. It all means something in the grander scheme of things. And it all has to happen the way that it does, to get you where you need to be. No matter how good or bad things seem in the moment.

I recently wrote a post on my Public Relations blog that reflected on the nature of public relations being closely tied to the field of psychology. I never would have thought that what I do, and what I’m striving to become, would mean so much to this world… because regardless of the scenario, at our core, all human beings want to be understood and to know that they matter.

Who would have thought that GOD would use me in this way. I now get that my life is being used for a purpose greater than myself. Yes, even when the issues that I  deal with seem all too personal, they are merely reminders that my lessons are not just my own. They are life lessons to be understood by me, and then shared with many others so that they too can understand themselves and other people.

I’m thankful for this revelation… But, I also know that I make a better PR professional than I would a psychologist. There’s still so much to learn.


@BCSTARKS a.k.a. The Dream Maker

Brittnay’s Corner: Becoming The Dream Maker

Its been a few days since I’ve written one of my famous inspirational posts, and its with good reason. I’ve used the past few days to do what I urge every one of my readers to do often, discover your purpose and make it count.

I’ve spent the past few days reading Napoleon Hill”s famous bestseller “THINK & GROW RICH,” and its been quite the refreshing experience. I was introduced to the book at the age of 12, thanks to my mother, but I vaguely remember reading it. After  achieving a good ‘ol traditional American education, and an additional 10 plus years of experience in this marvelous thing called life, I found myself in the self-help aisle of Barnes & Nobel purchasing a copy of the book for a 10-year-old birthday boy in hopes that I would be planting a good seed. I figured I would grab a copy for myself, as I am in the process of making some major personal moves in my own life. Its one of my best moves yet.

Napoleon Hill uncovers what he calls the great secret of successful, wealthy men, yet its really no secret at all. This is not to take away from such brilliant tools that his work provides. I love that Hill manages to drive home the notion that any human being can be as successful, and as wealthy as one can imagine, if they could understand and master the powerful and basic laws of the Universe. The most basic of them all: YOUR LIFE BECOMES WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MOST.

I could go on and on about the book, but I really just  wanted to share with you a few  lessons unfolding right before my own eyes (GO BUY THE BOOK! – its one of the most valuable, yet least expensive investments that anyone could make). One lesson  in particular is that it pays to be persistent no matter what your goals and dreams are.

I happen to have worked on a business venture for the past two years myself, and I know what it means to be discouraged at times. I also know what it feels like to reach milestones, and then go through periods of creative and motivational drought. But I also understand that these moments are only signs that perhaps I could take a different approach, shake things up a bit, but whatever I do–I must never let giving up become an option. And believe me, I WON’T EVER!

In the book, Hill tells the story of gold miners who were digging for gold for several years, only to give up after finding nothing at all. They sold their equipment to a local junk man and threw in the towel. Months later, that the same junk man would find the very thing that they had been digging for just 3 feet deeper than where the miners left off… and the guy made a fortune!

The moral of the story is that to become successful at anything, you cannot accept temporary failure as defeat. Instead, view them as stepping-stones, indication that perhaps some changes could be made. But never quit on what you once believed in just because success isn’t instant. Most successful people would tell you that they failed many times, but stayed the course. The Universe always honors those who have faith beyond measure in things yet seen and known.

Secondly, when one can walk through life with a strong sense of confidence in one’s own unique abilities and gifts (this comes once you discover what your life purpose is) miracles begin to unfold. Whenever one walks in his own greatness, the Universe will always honor the same energy, and will begin to manifest great things in the physical.

Confidence, grace, purpose, faith, persistence, and love are all part of the recipe for success and wealth just as equally as greed, quitting, and the lack of confidence and faith, and procrastination are a recipe for dreams deferred.

As I continue to look forward to great things along my journey, I also understand that there’s work to be done in terms of developing specific principles of life into my daily routine. Its the only way that true success can be achieved and maintained. Therefore, I study meditate, and pray as often as possible to tap into my own greatness. And I share with you great lessons like these because this is the greater part of who I am and what I exist to do.