Words of Wisdom

Affirmation:  “I deserve all the good that I desire for my life, and the Universe supports me as I am. I love and approve of myself. I am always safe and secure, and all is well in my world.” 

– Borrowed from Louise Hay

Brittnay’s Corner: Becoming The Dream Maker

Its been a few days since I’ve written one of my famous inspirational posts, and its with good reason. I’ve used the past few days to do what I urge every one of my readers to do often, discover your purpose and make it count.

I’ve spent the past few days reading Napoleon Hill”s famous bestseller “THINK & GROW RICH,” and its been quite the refreshing experience. I was introduced to the book at the age of 12, thanks to my mother, but I vaguely remember reading it. After  achieving a good ‘ol traditional American education, and an additional 10 plus years of experience in this marvelous thing called life, I found myself in the self-help aisle of Barnes & Nobel purchasing a copy of the book for a 10-year-old birthday boy in hopes that I would be planting a good seed. I figured I would grab a copy for myself, as I am in the process of making some major personal moves in my own life. Its one of my best moves yet.

Napoleon Hill uncovers what he calls the great secret of successful, wealthy men, yet its really no secret at all. This is not to take away from such brilliant tools that his work provides. I love that Hill manages to drive home the notion that any human being can be as successful, and as wealthy as one can imagine, if they could understand and master the powerful and basic laws of the Universe. The most basic of them all: YOUR LIFE BECOMES WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MOST.

I could go on and on about the book, but I really just  wanted to share with you a few  lessons unfolding right before my own eyes (GO BUY THE BOOK! – its one of the most valuable, yet least expensive investments that anyone could make). One lesson  in particular is that it pays to be persistent no matter what your goals and dreams are.

I happen to have worked on a business venture for the past two years myself, and I know what it means to be discouraged at times. I also know what it feels like to reach milestones, and then go through periods of creative and motivational drought. But I also understand that these moments are only signs that perhaps I could take a different approach, shake things up a bit, but whatever I do–I must never let giving up become an option. And believe me, I WON’T EVER!

In the book, Hill tells the story of gold miners who were digging for gold for several years, only to give up after finding nothing at all. They sold their equipment to a local junk man and threw in the towel. Months later, that the same junk man would find the very thing that they had been digging for just 3 feet deeper than where the miners left off… and the guy made a fortune!

The moral of the story is that to become successful at anything, you cannot accept temporary failure as defeat. Instead, view them as stepping-stones, indication that perhaps some changes could be made. But never quit on what you once believed in just because success isn’t instant. Most successful people would tell you that they failed many times, but stayed the course. The Universe always honors those who have faith beyond measure in things yet seen and known.

Secondly, when one can walk through life with a strong sense of confidence in one’s own unique abilities and gifts (this comes once you discover what your life purpose is) miracles begin to unfold. Whenever one walks in his own greatness, the Universe will always honor the same energy, and will begin to manifest great things in the physical.

Confidence, grace, purpose, faith, persistence, and love are all part of the recipe for success and wealth just as equally as greed, quitting, and the lack of confidence and faith, and procrastination are a recipe for dreams deferred.

As I continue to look forward to great things along my journey, I also understand that there’s work to be done in terms of developing specific principles of life into my daily routine. Its the only way that true success can be achieved and maintained. Therefore, I study meditate, and pray as often as possible to tap into my own greatness. And I share with you great lessons like these because this is the greater part of who I am and what I exist to do.



There is power in being kind to yourself

I’m at an interesting point in my life where I’m gaining a better understanding about the power of kindness and compassion for self.  Most of us would like to believe that we are kind and compassionate by nature, and to a certain degree we are. But kindness and compassion for self  is something that most people struggle with on a large-scale, including myself for some time.

It wasn’t until I came to understand the concept that you can only effectively be the “thing” for others, that  you are for yourself, that my eyes began to open. My personal struggle was that I couldn’t be as compassionate and kind towards others as I really wanted to  because I had mental blocks that wouldn’t even allow me to be gentle, or feel compassion for myself. At first this was a hard pill to swallow, that is until I began to dig deeper.

The truth is, I had always been very hard on myself, especially when it came to setting goals, and getting things accomplished. I’m not quite sure where I learned it from, but I recall being extremely critical with myself whenever I felt that I didn’t meet a certain goal, or complete certain tasks.   Guilty as charged.

Luckily for me, I was able to identify this as something that I NEEDED  to change within myself to allow myself room to grow in other areas. If I wanted to have a better relationship with life (which includes relationships with family, friends, partners, as well as better experiences, health, etc.) I needed to get a grip on showing myself some TLC, and a lot more of it.

In order to do this, I began to put an end to criticizing myself, even for the slightest of things. We don’t recognize what powerful messages we are constantly sending the Universe when we criticize ourselves. Every single time you find something to criticize yourself about, you are subconsciously telling the Universe “I’m not good enough.” Therefore, you attract experiences and people into your life that give you more validation of not being good enough. Think about your life long and hard, and try to understand what I’m talking about… This is exactly what I knew I had to put an end to. 

Once you become aware of criticism within yourself, you have to tell yourself the opposite of what you normally would, something nice for a change. Tell yourself you are beautiful/handsome, flaws and all; that you love and approve of yourself no matter where you are in life; that you are never lacking because God always provides for you; that you forgive yourself for anything that you previously disapproved of; that you are where you are, and that is perfectly okay because every situation in life is temporary; that you respect your life process and trust that you always make the right decisions that will add to your growth. All of these thoughts counteract the negative one’s that you’ve probably been telling yourself all your life. Repeating them as often as possible, especially when you feel the need to criticize yourself or others, will begin to set you free.

When you can focus on becoming a better you, there is no room for finding fault in others. Therefore, you can be genuinely kind and compassionate towards others, because you will begin to be it for yourself. More importantly, the Universe will begin to support every positive thought that you bring to it, and life will begin to be much more rewarding.

Remember, thoughts become things. And whatever it is that you choose to believe becomes true for you.

You wish for better, but do you welcome it?

Every now and then we all find ourselves at a particular point in our lives when we wish that things would get just a little bit better.  And boy is it easy to become so consumed with what is going on around you, only to forget about everything that is already “better.” 

During the course of my own life journey I’ve been known to complain here and there about how much I need a break from what life dishes out at me. Yes, guilty as charged. But it’s never really long before I am reminded of the role that I must play, in order for things to lighten up. 

First of all, there’s this little concept called “attitude of gratitude.” The way it works is that when you approach life and situations with the energy and intentions of being grateful, instead of being full of complaints, then Universe will only return to you more things to be grateful for. It really does work this way… TRIED & TRUE!  

But it must be accompanied by an additional action on your behalf. That is, letting go of whatever it is that you have held on to. This can be a number of things such as past relationships, old and new fears, bad habits, criticism of yourself and others, and past hurts and offenses among other things. These are the things that keep you in bondage and can block any and every blessing that the GOD truly intends for you. Without letting go of this excessive baggage, quite frankly you wouldn’t know better if it smacked you in the face.

Think about it, how often is it that you visit places where you know you are not welcomed, especially if  its overcrowded? My guess is that most people naturally avoid such awkward situations. Animals instinctively do this too, and life responds the same exact way. Only the  things that you welcome into your life become a frequent part of your life experience, because it’s what you allow at the time.

Learn to release those things that serve you no good because it’ll only be taking up the space within. If you don’t welcome better with open arms by releasing all things old, then how will the “good” ever come? You must trust that the very things that you are wanting, want you just as bad. But you have to make those things feel welcomed.

@BCSTARKS over and out! 🙂

Discovering who you are

Who are you?

Beyond the titles, names, and labels we each hold, lies the mysterious and ever-changing being within. It’s so easy for us to get caught up in the hype about who we are, but the truth is that most people don’t have the slightest clue.  When you understand that nothing on the outside of you even comes close to defining who you are, then you’re getting there. The material wealth and accomplishments are only a reflection of what you have the ability to do. But to know what drives you, your gifts and talents, your LOVE (for self and others), and the power within is to truly know one’s self.

One of the easiest ways to get in tune with who you are is to learn WHO YOU ARE NOT. When you’re faced with situations and have to make instant decisions, pay attention to how you feel. When you feel peace, love, joy, happiness in these moments, you are indeed operating out of the YOU that is truly YOU… the one that GOD intended for you to be. Anything less may just be the thoughts and ideas about yourself and life that you have been programmed into adopting. However, unlike our emotions, the TRUTH is something that never changes. And you know the truth by the way it feels.

Learn to get beyond the surface and discover all that your spirit has to offer. And when you do, share it with the world! This blog is just one of my many gifts to the world and I hope that it helps you to see me for who I really am.



Louise Hay says ‘You Can Heal Your Life’: The powerful connection between thoughts, the body, & life


I was first introduced to the concept of the “law of attraction” as a sophomore in college. It’s a concept that has resonated with my spirit ever since. That’s probably because I was raised in a household that taught me that I could do and be anything in life as long as I believed it, and put lots of work into it.

In addition to that, growing up Christian Baptist taught me to ‘ask, and I shall receive… seek, and I shall find… knock, and the or shall be opened.’ And I could never forget one of my favorite BIBLE verses (okay, so I can’t remember exactly, lol) that says, “But wilt thou know ‘o’ vain man, that faith without works is dead?”

These very ideas shape who I have become today and forever more. But I have yet to become more impressed by any other groundbreaking piece of literature or idea, than that of bestselling author and metaphysics guru Louise Hay’s book titled, You Can Heal Your Life.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of the law of attraction, it pretty much states that your thoughts and the energy behind them are what shape your life experiences. In other words, most of what happens in life is not pure chance, but involves more interaction on your own part than you realize.

Louise takes this concept one step further by introducing the effect of thoughts on the body. Believe it or not, you can think yourself sick! Hence the reason why stress, anxiety, and depression can all lead to further bodily complications. According to metaphysical teachings, a lifetime of resentment, anger, and guilt (all emotions/ dis-eases of the mind) can lead to cancer, AIDS, and even simple things like ulcers (all dis-eases in the body).

But just as it is possible that you make yourself sick, you also have the power to make yourself well. Louise offers affirmations that help to re-program a lifetime of fear and negative thinking into new beginnings of self-love, forgiveness, compassion, overall well-being, and patience with the processes of life.

Reading this book can be life changing. At least, it has been for me. I would recommend everyone to check it out. Even if you don’t agree with things that she shares in her book, it will definitely force you to think about changing old patterns of thought.

Until next time, get ya mind right ppl!

Much Love,


Maya Angelou: ‘When you know better, you do better.’

I was blessed to have had one of the most amazing weekends in my entire life. Not because anything spectacular took place. Well, aside from becoming enlightened at least. But what could be better than a dose of enlightenment?Although the enjoyment of things and experiences in the physical realm prove to be quite exhilarating time and time again, that enjoyment experienced is also fleeting. It will only be a matter of time before you no longer experience the same fulfillment from those things as you once had.

That is, unless you can begin to understand what I have come to understand as a result of becoming enlightened. 

I now know for sure that happiness is something that you have to create for your life starting RIGHT NOW! It’s not possible to become happy only once you become successful, or have more money. Why? Well because success is not a destination; it’s a journey! Not to mention that all the money in the World cannot compare to the sweet grace, peace, and love of GOD. Sure, it will help you pay back those student loans so that Sallie Mae can stop blowing you up on the weekends and while you’re at work (so disrespectful! lol). But if you allow  physical things, including people, to decide your happiness, then you will be in for a rude awakening when they all fall short of your expectations, which they ultimately will.

Instead, I have learned that it is only when you declare that you will not allow anything outside of you to change your mood for the worse, that you will have taken a step towards freedom. Often times, this is easier said than done. But when you realize that in all situations, no matter how big or small, the only thing that is in your control is how you respond to life. Everything else is left up to chance and chain reaction.

I applied this very concept this past weekend and the lesson, or the moment of enlightenment, was more blissful than any physical experience could ever be. Mostly because, unlike things and experiences of the physical realm, once you become enlightened you have the power to change your life, and ultimately contribute to the betterment of mankind. But the best part of enlightenment is that it’s never fleeting.

Be specific, not careful with what you ask for

‘Be careful what you ask for…’

We’ve heard this saying time and time again. It has practically been run into the ground so much that many of us have become desensitized to the power asking. Many of our parents and grandparents have, at some point, forewarned us of the true power that we as humans have when we put so much focus into a thought that it becomes our reality. But how often is it that you truly pay attention to the creations of your personal world?

If you are a member of  Western society, my guess is that  much of your attention is often clouded by the many happenings of your temporary reality.  So much, that you often forget how many times along your life journey that you weren’t so passive about life. Instead, in many instances  you were decisive about what moves you were going to make, the things that you wanted to experience, the people who you wanted to experience them with, and how you wanted to feel. You were specific with the Universe about your requests, and in a matter of time (seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, or years) your very wishes became your reality. However, by the time you received what you were asking for, you were already on to the next request. And so you forget.

This blog post was written to remind you that you are more powerful than you can imagine, and that your focus means EVERYTHING in terms of your requests of  Universe.

You cannot ask and expect to receive if you are not specific with what it is you are wanting. If uncertainty is the dominant position that you hold, then the Universe will return  to you the dominant energy of your focus. The Universe does not discriminate and consistently gives you energy driven  experiences that are based on the exact energy that you give to it.

So my advice is to be mindful of where your focus is. Instead of always being careful what you ask for, try being specific with your requests. Once you decide, the Universe will bend at your very request. But you have to make up your mind…