Fashion Inspiration

This throwback photo of Super Model turned mogul, Tyra Banks, puts me in a place of empowerment and reassurance of my own life path. I’ve been working with a project that’s beauty/hair related for the past few years, and seeing my vision for it slowly unfold has been a dream come true. The patriotic top that Ms. Banks is rocking symbolizes that “It’s made in America…” It makes me feel inspired all over again, which brings me to this song:

Bloomberg: Game Changers (Jay-Z)

Simply put, Bloomberg. If you’ve never watched a single show on this network, just know that I’ve fallen completely in love with it for this very reason… Game Changers! Its their documentary series that tells the journey of how some of the most successful businessmen/women in the world went from rags to riches. These are some of the most intriguing stories, that inspire on levels beyond explanation. Of course, my favorite documentary told the story of how Jay-Z went from street corner hustler, to hip-hop icon/notable businessman.

Jay-Z and Warren Buffett… #WINNING!

I’ve watched this documentary too many times to count. I’ve even shown it to several groups of inner-city teenagers, and the response was remarkable. Check it out below. If you aren’t inspired in some way from this video, then you might want to check your pulse because something ain’t right.

Part 1

Part 2