Grace: Manifesting It Through Gratitude

“Grace is flowing back to me.”

Hey there!

So, I’m participating in this free 21-day meditation challenge presented by Oprah and Deepak Chopra. This time around, the challenge’s focus is “Manifesting Grace through Gratitude.” Previous topics have been how “all good things bring gratitude,” and how to learn to recognize things to be grateful for so that you can open up to receiving more experiences to appreciate. Today is Day 4, and in the journal section where you are invited to share your thoughts, we were asked to reflect on the times (most recently) that we experienced signs of grace. I was able to recall those times most vividly, and decided to share them with my readers. I also want to encourage you, if its your “thing, to join the meditation challenge. Its free and worth all 20 minutes of the 24 hours in your day. Each time that I actually make time to meditate is when I find that I am most at peace and have a more of a clear perspective on my day. I also feel high… Yes, like I just smoked a pound of weed (which I do not smoke at all). Lol Who needs drugs when you can just meditate?! …Don’t knock it until you try it. ūüėČ

Journal: Day 4 – Grace Is Replying

Write down any signs of grace that have come to you recently, such as an unexpected kindness or moment of joy, a sense of perfection, or a feeling of belonging.

I felt grace when I dreamt about my late grandmother the other night. I am currently preparing to move across the country to start a new chapter in my life, and to be honest, I am terrified. In my dream, I was already in my new city, and I was at someone’s wedding. While maneuvering to find a seat, I caught a glance of a woman wearing a red dress and it was my grandmother. I was ecstatic and made a mental note that I would make my way to say hello. Just as I was weaving my way through the crowd of people standing in the isle, I peeped around their bodies to make sure that I was heading towards my grandma. Just as I was getting closer, I woke up. Damnit!  It saddened me that I could not get close enough to her to have a conversation or even say hello.  But I am thankful for grace giving me peace by allowing her to appear in my dream. It gave me comfort to know that even though she’s not physically present, she still supports me at times that I feel I need her most.

Cutting back on duties and demands to spend more time connecting with those you love is a wonderful way to invigorate your energy. Write down three ways you can renew your energy by appreciating what’s around you. For example, you could take a quiet walk amid the trees, view an art exhibit, or catch up with a dear friend.

Yesterday I felt grace when I walked outside to sit among the trees and nature. I found myself wanting to clear my mind, so I decided to meditate outdoors. Its amazing how, in an instant, I felt a sense of oneness with all that the outdoors had to offer. Aside from being distracted by a few pedestrians waling by, I was able to connect my energy with the emanating energies of the trees, and the earth, and the wind… I heard birds chirping, and felt the warmth of the sun kissing my skin. I would do it again, and often even, because it calms my mind and helps me to put things in perspective. I could always pick up the phone to call someone that I haven’t spoken to in a while. Those times always turn into two hour long conversations, and almost always end with “I love you” and “don’t be a stranger.”

Grace is laced throughout my everyday life and always leaves me feeling energetic and ready to handle the next big task of the day.I feel so appreciative that I can recognize these moments as they happen, and be able to say “Thank You” to God and the Universe for allowing me know the joys of life and appreciate them as they come.

Use this space to reflect further on your experience today.

It’s still early in the day for me, but I am open to however grace will present itself. I am open to beauty in all forms, and look forward to continuing to push past fear and allow abundance and love to pour into my life. I’m appreciative for this platform… I look forward to each day that I get to meditate with Deepak and Oprah in my ear.




An Open Gesture of Gratitude…

As I write this post, it is the early hours of the morning and I am laying in bed next to my mother while she sleeps peacefully… Yes, I said my mother.

Whenever I visit my mom, I always find comfort in lying next to her and falling asleep, sometimes to her protest because I tend to sleep wild… especially when I’m super tired. Lol But its one of the ways that we bond.

Its been a common occurrence since I was a little girl because I grew up as my mother’s only daughter in a house full of brothers. My mother was a single parent raising my 3 brothers and I, and so when she would come home from work, there I would be waiting for her in her bed to give her the rundown on what the boys did that day. I guess you could say that we were like a team because I was her eyes and ears when she wasn’t around, and it was me that she trusted to hold down the fort. Lol

Even as an adult, she and I still share stories before bed, or moments of inspiration as we awake. I’m always grateful to share these moments with my mother because they are precious. Its been our way of basking in our feminine energy even while in the midst of so much testosterone. Its also our way of expressing how near we truly are to one another in spirit. No matter what separates us physically, we are always near in spirit. And I never take these moments for granted because life is ever changing…

I share this story with you in a spirit of gratitude for the connection that I share with the person who nurtutred and showered me with unconditional love… Love that I can never forget as I am reminded of it while laying next to her.

I Love my mommy,

I’d like to know what connections exist in your life that make you grateful for them. Drop me a line.



An open gesture of gratitude…

As this beautiful journey of mine continues to unfold, I want to share with my readers my appreciation for being. Much like I would in a silent prayer, I openly thank my SOURCE for revealing to me my own power. I am grateful for those obstacles which have helped to shape my entire being, for they remind me of where my greatest and true strength lies… Yes, within.

I’m thankful for knowing that its always there when I need it; to guide me when I feel that I’ve lost my way; to help guide others to their own; to help restore peace, and to help me to become a channel of LOVE that shines brightly upon the faces of many. I am grateful for this platform, for it allows me to reach those who feel a bit of growth within themselves upon reading these posts. I look forward to continuing to become that “beacon on the hill” whose story inspires many to inspire others.

This is my open gesture of gratitude, to remind all that even amidst challenges, there is still so much more to thankful for.



When you don’t know what you don’t know…

“…You can’t grow.”

These past few weeks have been such an “eye opener” for me. Its amazing what a dose of pure truth can do for one’s life. It’s also so amazing how so many people can have walked the face of the Earth for hundreds of thousands of years with the doors of pure power and greatness wide open for them, yet they’re unable to enter because of what they don’t know, about themselves and life… And they have NO IDEA what they don’t know [Pause] … Now that’s deep.

I write this post from a place of gratitude. From this place I am beyond thankful for all that life has brought my way, the greatness and especially the difficulties. I am thankful for the great philosophers that have come before us to help guide us in the direction of our power; those who have sacrificed their lives and freedom to make sure that eventually mankind reaches it’s fullest potential, or close to it.

I was lucky to learn at an extremely early age that every single experience in life is nothing short of a lesson in this class called life. Either you look for the lesson¬†to¬†improve one’s self, or continue to go through life making the same choices that lead to misfortune, poverty, and self-destruction.

“Just know that I chose my own fate, I drove by the fork in the road and went straight.” ¬†–¬†Jay Z

I’m mostly thankful for the insane curiosity that I¬†have¬†of about life. I’ve probably been on what I like to call ” a quest for evolution” since the day I was born. I’ve always had a strong¬†desire¬†to understand the intangibles of life so that I could¬†operate¬†at my best state. My quest for spiritual gain has brought me full circle to a state of peace and understanding, and an undeniable awareness of ¬†the power that I¬†possess… the potential for POWER that every human being that ever lived has.

The road blocks that prevents one from their source of power typically present themselves when one decides that there is only ONE ABSOLUTE TRUTH in life (one way to live, one way to think, one way of doing something, one way to be…). The dangers of believing in absolute truth is that it shuts one off from the majority of mankind, and places them in a bubble. Belief in one absolute truth keeps those individuals stuck in a seemingly never-ending cycle ¬†because their¬†desire¬†to learn all but disappears (remember, they already have ALL of the answers to life in their possession, and that is their ABSOLUTE truth). We all know¬†people¬†like this, mostly because we all have been that¬†person¬†at some point.

What I now know for sure is that when you become closed off from continuing to seek wisdom and knowledge from all that life has to offer, you shut yourself off from your source of power. Open-mindedness and understanding ¬†is the only means through which one can levitate to heights of power and prosperity that all GOD’s that ever existed intended for all mankind.

Life is a never-ending education, when you stop learning and trying to understand, you stop living, or become the living dead.

“When you don’t know what you don’t know, you can’t grow.”



You wish for better, but do you welcome it?

Every now and then we all find ourselves¬†at a particular point in our lives when we wish that things would get just a little bit¬†better.¬†¬†And boy is it¬†easy to become¬†so consumed with what is going on around you,¬†only to forget about¬†everything that is already “better.”¬†

During the course of my own life journey I’ve been known to complain here and there about how much I need a break from what life dishes out at me. Yes, guilty as charged. But it’s never¬†really long before I am reminded of the role that I must¬†play, in order for things to lighten up.¬†

First of all, there’s this little concept¬†called “attitude of gratitude.” The way it works is that when you approach life and situations with the energy and intentions of being grateful, instead of being full of complaints, then¬†Universe will only return to you more things to be grateful for. It really does work this way…¬†TRIED¬†& TRUE!¬†¬†

But it must be accompanied by an additional action on your behalf. That is, letting go of whatever it is that you have held on to. This can be a number of things such as past relationships, old and new¬†fears, bad habits, criticism of yourself and others, and past hurts and offenses¬†among other things. These are the things that keep you in bondage and can block any and every blessing that the GOD truly intends for you. Without letting go of this excessive baggage, quite frankly you wouldn’t know better if it smacked you in the face.

Think about it, how often is it that you visit places where you know you are not welcomed, especially if¬† its overcrowded? My guess is that most people naturally¬†avoid such awkward situations. Animals instinctively¬†do this too,¬†and life responds the same exact way. Only the¬† things that you welcome into your life become a frequent part of your life experience, because it’s what you allow at the time.

Learn to release those things that serve you no good because it’ll only be taking up the space within.¬†If you don’t welcome better with open arms by releasing all things old, then how¬†will the “good” ever come? You must trust that the very things that you are wanting, want you just as bad. But you have to¬†make¬†those things¬†feel welcomed.

@BCSTARKS over and out! ūüôā

What inspired you today?

I woke up this morning feeling like a billion bucks. Not because something out of the ordinary took place, but because it just felt good to do so. Whenever I feel like this, I am inspired to write in my journal. Yes, I keep a journal, but it consists of mostly good feelings. I’d much rather document things to be happy about¬†because when I read it later on, it just puts me it a good¬†feeling place¬†again. I like to write about the things that I am grateful for, the things that I hope to carry out, the things that I become more aware of,¬†etc… Writing about these things just reminds me that the journey is what life is all about; what we are becoming more of each day. While writing, I usually have a divine moment of peace and clarity about my¬†life’s possibilities, and it deeply humbles me.¬†From there, I¬†feel inspired and more equipped than ever before¬†to tackle whatever comes my way. Mostly because I know that with all that¬†I have become, and with all that I am, I CANNOT LOSE.

Salon Talk: Respecting Your Process

I had a therapy session with my mom and her client at the salon today. The topic of “getting there” was up for discussion. Lets just say I had my way with this one. I broke it down in phases, so that I wouldn’t be misunderstood. So here’s how it went.

The Complaint:

“I can’t wait until ________ happens… I’m just so ready because this current situation is just not working for me. And I know that once ________ happens, I’m gonna be so much better.”

So my question was,” How does waiting for _______ to happen make you feel?”

The Feeling Behind The Complaint:

“I’m anxious. I’m tired of being patient. This needs to happen, and it needs to happen soon. I just don’t understand why it hasn’t this happened yet. But when it does, I’ll be in a better place.”

The Lightbulb Moment:

One of the most profound lessons that life is teaching me, is to respect the processes of life. Everything in life is a process, and that process will happen with or without your opinion about how long it should take. We usually have no say so in them, we just go along for the ride and anxiously hope for a better situation.

The cool thing about processes is that no matter what your process is, you have to know that it is there to teach you something. And instead of being anxious for that “something” to happen, recognize the lessons to be learned around you and allow yourself to grow in certain areas.

Success at anything usually happens when the people involved are truly ready for them (whether its love, running a successful business, getting an A on a test).  You have to grow in certain areas of your life to have success at anything. People usually realize this from hindsight. But once you understand and can accept that this is a life principle that does not discriminate, you can then begin to look at life differently.

My Suggestion:

Instead of finding things to complain about while you wait, try a different approach for a change. Something like:

“You know, I might not be there yet, or I might not have _________ yet, but I trust that I’ll get there. I’m thankful for where I am, because things could be so much worse than what they are. I am glad that I’m exposed to certain people, places, and things that will allow me to grow each day. Right now, I am being chiseled and sculpted, a9ond the kind of success that I want will happen when I am ready for it (spiritually, emotionally, and mentally) and if its meant for me. Meanwhile, I am getting there, I am getting better every single day, and I respect my process because I will arrive soon enough.”

Notice how different you feel when you take your focus away from what is bad, and turn it towards more positive thoughts… Better, right? Also, recognize that the minute you stop stressing about something, the sooner you get the answer you were looking for, or the sooner you see the results that you were hoping for.

And this my friends is how you practice the art of RESPECTING YOUR PROCESS. Hope it helps! ūüôā