When It Comes To Matters Of The Heart…


It’s been a while since I’ve written about matters of the heart. You know, relationships, intimacy, love… I often purposefully stay away from such matter because I’ve always deemed it too personal or too delicate of a subject to share with my readers. In the past, I preferred to stick to matters of spirit or self-help advice. Its what I know, and where I feel safest.

However,  a few days ago I found myself questioning my own judgement.  I questioned how my decision to limit my writings to only the subjects that I’m comfortable with expressing may indeed be limiting to my own creativity and expression of the whole of me.


That’s the very reason why I love Drake’s music. He finds himself discussing some of the most uncomfortable matters of the heart in his music. No matter how outlandish the storyline may come off, its real, its raw, and its HIS personal and perfectly imperfect self expression. And it is freely given to all who will listen and ultimately be affected because they too have experienced, or can relate to the emotion behind his experieces… But I’m no Drake, nor do I entertain (well, sometimes). I am however, a living and breathing physical being who is equally creative in so many ways. At this point of my journey, auexpression has become priority in all of my dealings. So here it goes…


Once upon a time, although not long ago, I would constantly find myself in the most uncomfortable situations. Like most who’ve lived long enough to experience relationships, I’ve experienced the entire spectrum of human emotion. I’ve also seen highs, and many lows. I’ve believed in the impossible, and have also been pessimistic. I’ve tried changing the things that no longer serve me, while simultaneously holding on to patterns and beliefs of past experiences, sometimes to my own detriment. For a long time I’ve unknowingly denied myself of what The Daily Love blogger and life coach Mastin Kipp refers to as a self-approved life. Up until most recently, I would find myself caring entirely too much about what others thought of me. So much that I would either rebel, or end up apologizing for having said the things that I truly felt, all because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be accepted or LOVED.

But as Mark Nepo put it:

“We are broken open, or we Willfully shed”

Being human is NO JOKE!! And all of these experiences have bought me to this part of my journey where I am learning to shed those ideas that others opinions of me should trump my own. Everyday I’m practicing what it means to me to live a self-approved life. Some days this means standing up for myself and not allowing others to take advantage of my kindness, other days this means saying “NO” to the things and people that don’t serve me well or that my inner spirit does not agree with.

In this moment, I’m thankful for being. My heart is in great health, as is my mind, body, and spirit. I feel, and no matter how tough the feelings, I persevere and it always turns out that I’m stronger than I could have ever imagined. I allow myself to make mistakes, forgive, and willingly evolve. I know that Love trumps all and will always and forever be, share, receive and believe in LOVE. I now choose to live self-approved, and I wish you the same.

How’s that for matters of the heart? …For me, it’ll do for now. #SelfApproved #MattersOfTheHeart