Words of Wisdom: Are you living a life of pain?

“You can accept or reject the way you are treated by other people, but until you heal the wounds of your past, you will continue to bleed. You can bandage the bleeding with food, with alcohol, with drugs, with work, with cigarettes, with sex, but eventually, it will all ooze through and stain your life. You must find the strength to open the wounds, stick your hands inside, pull out the core of the pain that is holding you in your past, the memories, and make peace with them.”

Iyanla Vanzant


“In order to heal the pain you gotta feel it, deal with it, and then begin to heal…”

Iyanla Vanzant

Brittnay’s Corner: Oprah’s Life Class Season Premier (Twitter Edition)

PAIN = Pay Attention Inward Now. Don’t look for anything or anyone outside of you to fix it – Iyanla Vanzant

Tonight was the season premier of Oprah’s Life Class on OWN, and it was AMAZING!!!!  In case you missed it, you can visit Oprah.com to watch the live stream (which may not be available until tomorrow, after it has aired worldwide). The subject for tonight’s class was “Are you living in pain?” and let’s just say that it was a life lesson that can help us all heal. Tonight’s teacher was life coach, spiritual teacher, and author Iyanla Vanzant, whom I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

The people and the stories were phenomenal! I was under the impression that one of my favorite bloggers Mastin Kipp, founder of TheDailyLove.com, would be on the show as well… so I tweeted it in excitement.

Well, Mastin replied by tweeting me that he would only be blogging live from the show, and I was just beyond thrilled that he saw my tweet.

I tweeted so much out of my excitement for the world to embrace the change that is needed in humanity, that I caught the attention of @OWNtv, and they replied to me as well.

I must have been in tune with my spirit, and their intentions as well, for two of my inspirations for inspiring others to see my tweets amongst hundreds of thousands of others, and reply to me tonight. It was UBER COOL!

I also felt the outpour of others who were living a life of pain, and so I tweeted my little heart out tonight… My prayer is that I helped those who don’t know their own strength, through sharing what I now know for sure… The Kingdom of heaven is WITHIN! (Check ya Bible for that one!) 🙂




Throwback Inspiration: Tyrese Gibson has ‘Mastered His Domain’

Waddup #DreamTakers!

I came across this article while doing some research for my graduate thesis. Now, let me just say that I am always on the look out for things that keep me inspired, and those things are usually always hidden in the story of someone else’s life.

In this case, Tyrese Gibson, known for his starring roles in Transformers, Baby Boy, and Four Brothers has me awe. Besides the fact that he is wayyy too easy on the eyes, this guy’s story of rediscovering his passion after getting bitten by the “success bug” is phenomenal.

He talks about being vulnerable as a man, and not letting his ego and pride get in the way of all the good that he desires for  his life. He even discusses how when he realized that he couldn’t do everything on his own, he reach out to those whom he looked up to, such as Will Smith, who told him that “in order to truly succeed he’d have to change everything around him.” Who hasn’t heard this lesson before???

This article may be 3 years old, but so many people I know can identify with his story, including me.

Double click each photo to read the article:

BTW- I need to KNOW him… Like for real, for real. 😉

My celebrity crush, Tyrese Gibson… and J. Cole.

The Story You Tell Life, Becomes The Life You Live

“Sometimes we get stuck because of the story we tell ourselves and life.”

– Tony Robbins

“I can’t do this because of that. I don’t have enough of something. That will never happen. This just can’t be. Men are no good. All women lie. Life is hard…”

These sentences reflect a pattern of thought that becomes a story in its entirety. This is the recurring story that many people have going on in their brains over the course of a lifetime.

And as we now know, the mind is a powerful thing. Thoughts become things. This kind of thought pattern is one that just won’t let life get good for anyone who claims it as their story. That’s because these types of thoughts in nature, are what keep us all in a constant state of fear. And fear is always the thing that stops progress dead in its tracks.

If ever you are wanting life to change, all that is required of you is a simple shift in your awareness, from a thought that serves you no benefit, to one that inspires you to move. Its bigger than just thinking positive and saying affirmations. You MUST take action in the direction of your newly formed thoughts in order to make them your reality. After all, motion is in fact the very thing that effects our emotions.

For example, when we are depressed, most of us don’t want to move… we have no desire to get out of bed, nor do we have as much energy to. But when we finally convince ourselves to get up and shower; to put on clothes and get out of the house; to call up our closest friends for a night on the town; to go out and have fun. The very act of motion in each of these activities changes the way that we feel in those given moments, and ultimatey changes our circumstances, and eventually our lives. And it all starts with a single thought, that if tended to and nurtured, produces thoughts just like it (positive or negative) until those thoughts collectively form a story.

The question is, what story have you been telling yourself about life from any given aspect? For that is what your reality has become. But just as one can change their mind to move in another direction, one can change their story into something that works for them, instead of against them.

Our lives are merely a reflection of the stories that we choose to believe. Where has the story that you chose lead you in life? How does your story affect your movement? Is your story one of benefit, or one of detriment? Do tell.



Beauty Inspiration: Full and Naturally Shaped Brows That WOW!

I have always had super thick and wild eye brows, and I didn’t really appreciate them until I reached my twenties. I have attempted to have them tamed and trained by “experts” in various beauty spots on occasion, but I could hardly ever find someone who understands that brows already have a natural shape that can be followed, and that everyone doesn’t have to leave with overly expressive brows… You know, the kind that are either too sharp and pointed that you always look angry, or too round and high that you always look surprised.

Luckily, my hairstylist/ beauty expert for life is the bomb because she gets it (she also happens to be my mother).  After all of my not-so-good experiences, I’ve grown to appreciate my “eyebrow lady” and I absolutely LOVE my brows. So much so, that I vow to never let another person wax, or thread, or tweezer them away until they are nearly non-existent and out of shape. EVER!!

I found these pics on the net that inspired me to be proud of the bushes above my eyes. Thick brows are the ish, whether you grow them, or get a little help. WERK!

Words of Wisdom: Forgiveness

“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.”

~ Robert Muller

“We are all doing the best we can with the understanding, knowledge, and awareness we have… We may not know how to forgive, and we may not want to forgive; but the very fact we say we are willing to forgive begins the healing practice.”

~Louise Hay

“Holding resentment is like eating poison and waiting for the other person to keel over.”

~ Unknown

“I can forgive, but I cannot forget, is only another way of saying, I will not forgive. Forgiveness ought to be like a cancelled note – torn in two, and burned up, so that it never can be shown against one. “

~ Henry Ward Beecher

When there’s something keeping you up at night, the answer is always FORGIVENESS

Its currently the wee hours of the morning as I write this post. I guess you could say that sleep has gotten away from me. This is mainly because of a few negative thoughts that I just couldn’t seem to let go of as a result of a seemingly challenge filled day. I won’t dare bore (or entertain) you with the intricate details, but I will share with you the invaluable lessons that I’ve learned.

The lesson touches upon one of my favorite affirmations by my favorite author of all time, Louise Hay, and deals with the subject of forgiveness, and it goes like this:

“I forgive you for not being the way I wanted you to be. I forgive you and I lovingly set you free.” –Louise Hay

Part of the reason that I love this affirmation so much, is because it not only helps with directing one’s thoughts towards thoughts of forgiveness–forgiveness of others, and forgiveness of oneself– but it helps to direct one’s thoughts towards thoughts of compassion and being non-judgemental.

It’s so easy for us as human beings to judge those people who do, or say things in ways that we disapprove of. So much so, that we become angry or upset with them, often applying labels as we recount those experiences. These very labels that we apply to others are just one more reason that we tell ourselves that we cannot forgive that person.

For example, If someone is having a really bad day and they take it out on you, many would naturally feel some level of offense, and possibly label this particular person as being rude, or offensive in that moment, and choose to respond to this person from this feeling space. Now whether the response is positive or negative, ideas have already been formed about who, or what this individual is like.

Pretty reasonable rationale right?..

But how often is it that before passing judgement on the situation, we actually put ourselves in the other person’s shoes. Now I’m not saying that one has to give a pass to others for negative behavior. But I am saying that perhaps having an understanding that “hurt people, hurt people,” and that no one’s negative behavior is ever something to be taken personal, would help us to see life differently, and have more pleasant experiences to be grateful for.

This affirmation expresses this best because when we are offended by someone’s behavior, it is because we are judging them for not being the way we want them to be. This very judgement is what keeps us from having compassion and understanding of the human experience. And a major part of the human experience deals with the ways in which we cope with life, based on the experiences that we have while we are here. If we can’t place ourselves in the shoes of someone else, yes, even if they have somehow wronged us, then forgiveness and peace about the situation becomes difficult to achieve and there will be a constant internal conflict whenever this person is in your presence, or you speak of the situation.

Most importantly, judging others is merely a reflection of the ways in which we judge ourselves. We must learn to take other people’s behavior and choices less personal, and understand that they, just like you and I, are only responding to life based on coping mechanisms that have been built as a result of life experiences. Becoming aware of your own ways of coping, and being gentle with yourself as you look to those coping mechanisms that serve you best is the beginning of learning how to forgive. Once you learn to love yourself through your own transition/journey– just as God and the Universe loves us despite our flaws– forgiveness, compassion, and empathy will soon follow with a lot less effort.

But it starts with YOU.

…Some lesson to receive at this hour of the morning, but its one worth sharing… Now off to sleep I go.