Featured Dream Chaser: From hair fanatic to Founder & President of Rochelle Yanique, Inc.

I know her as Rochelle Boreland, a beautiful young lady who is hard-working  and a for sure “go-getter.” Rochelle and I met while attending the University of Miami, and although we didn’t get the opportunity to become bff’s, I could always sense that  we share a common thread… our passion for hair and all things beauty related. Its one of those things that you just know when it’s in your presence… 🙂

Anyway, when Rochelle and I crossed paths again several months ago  and she  informed me of her hopes to turn her passion for hair into a business, I couldn’t have been more excited for her. What makes me even prouder is that she didn’t just sit on the idea, from that day on she’s been making moves to the best of her abilities and watching miracles unfold. Rochelle has officially incorporated her business Rochelle Yanique, INC., through which she offers her specialty “Protective Styling” technique that keeps the natural hair protected, while maintaining the ability to rock the latest styles. But that’s not all. For years Rochelle has been a huge connoisseur  of hair products and has developed some useful techniques, and she’s decided to share some of her own tried-and-true expertise on RochelleYanique.com with women and girls alike.

The fact that Rochelle recognizes her passion and gifts, and she’s willing to share them with the world, is what makes her an ultimate dream chaser. #teamdreamchasers

Feel free to visit her blog www.rochelleyanique.tumblr.com ,  become a fan on Facebook  , and follow her on  Twitter to stay on top of her latest tips. Also, check out her mini bio below.

 ROCHELLE: In My Own Words

Hair fanatic, and future elected official with dreams of one day changing the world! I believe a truly talented person can be great at many things. For that reason, I have stepped beyond my love of government to explore my passion.

Long, short, natural, curly I love it all! Hair is my favorite accessory and quite frankly, the final touch on any look. After years of visiting hair salons and spending large amounts of money, I decided to compile my favorite affordable products and techniques to share with girls just like me. Although I am no expert, through Rochelle Yanique, Inc. I intend to share all that I have tried– and more importantly, what WORKS.


What inspired you today?

One of the most profound moments of my life happened this afternoon as I witnessed someone near and dear to me make a declaration of change. After years of being angry, bitter with life, and full of resentment (emotions that have caused her to become extremely ill, and someone who frequents the hospital) she had reached her breaking point.

I could tell that this time was different from others because for the first time, she was able to take responsibility for the role that she’s played in her own unhappiness with life. She began to acknowledge certain thoughts that she had bought into over the years that lead her to a state of misery. She shared with me some of the hurt, blame, and frustration that she’s held on to her entire life, and as she did this, she was able to release bits and pieces of it.

It was so profound for me because I’ve come to know the process of change through the efforts of my own journey. Although change is not an easy thing to go through, especially after a lifetime of being acustomed to thinking and being a certain way, it is most rewarding when its something that you allow to take place.

Even though nothing more than an emotional declaration of change was made this afternoon, the most important thing is that she acknowledges that she is willing to embark on the journey… because anything would be better than what she had been living previous to that very moment.

Willingness to change is always a good start, and typically the first place to start in the never ending quest for enlightenment. Those moments were indeed inspiring because as she learned her lessons, so did I.

@BCSTARKS over and out!

You wish for better, but do you welcome it?

Every now and then we all find ourselves at a particular point in our lives when we wish that things would get just a little bit better.  And boy is it easy to become so consumed with what is going on around you, only to forget about everything that is already “better.” 

During the course of my own life journey I’ve been known to complain here and there about how much I need a break from what life dishes out at me. Yes, guilty as charged. But it’s never really long before I am reminded of the role that I must play, in order for things to lighten up. 

First of all, there’s this little concept called “attitude of gratitude.” The way it works is that when you approach life and situations with the energy and intentions of being grateful, instead of being full of complaints, then Universe will only return to you more things to be grateful for. It really does work this way… TRIED & TRUE!  

But it must be accompanied by an additional action on your behalf. That is, letting go of whatever it is that you have held on to. This can be a number of things such as past relationships, old and new fears, bad habits, criticism of yourself and others, and past hurts and offenses among other things. These are the things that keep you in bondage and can block any and every blessing that the GOD truly intends for you. Without letting go of this excessive baggage, quite frankly you wouldn’t know better if it smacked you in the face.

Think about it, how often is it that you visit places where you know you are not welcomed, especially if  its overcrowded? My guess is that most people naturally avoid such awkward situations. Animals instinctively do this too, and life responds the same exact way. Only the  things that you welcome into your life become a frequent part of your life experience, because it’s what you allow at the time.

Learn to release those things that serve you no good because it’ll only be taking up the space within. If you don’t welcome better with open arms by releasing all things old, then how will the “good” ever come? You must trust that the very things that you are wanting, want you just as bad. But you have to make those things feel welcomed.

@BCSTARKS over and out! 🙂

What are you affirming in your life?

What’s in an affirmation? … POWER!

Let me break it down for you a little bit… just a little. 🙂


Def: something that is affirmed; the assertion or declaration  that something exists or is true.

I have come to know that the way  life works has everything to do with your thoughts. Whatever you chose to believe to be true will be TRUE FOR YOU. Affirmations are ideas that we think and speak on a continuous basis, so why wouldn’t it be beneficial to tell the story of the way you want things to be instead of the other way around? Afterall, every thought that you declare as true for you life will continue to be true, both the good and the bad.

If happiness is something that you seek to acquire, then why not affirm things that make you happy instead of complaining about what doesn’t? Complaining about how bad things are only brings about more situations to continue to complain about. Likewise, appreciating  the good things in your life will bring about more good things to appreciate. I’m no rocket scientist, nor do I claim to have even half of life’s answers. But I do recognize DIVINE WISDOM when I am fortunate enough to witness it.  

A lifetime of affirming that “I am not good enough,” or “I never have enough money,” or “My relationships never work,” or “Life is hard,” or “Something is always wrong with me,” or ” Its us against them,” or … You get the point. Whatever you consistently affirm is an EXACT MIRROR  of  the reality that you live.

Start to tell yourself and the world a different story, and act out of that space of knowing. Watch how things begin to turn around.

So what are you affirming in your life again?… Well don’t just read this post, get a move on changing what needs to be changed so that you can live the life that you dream of living. It’s never enough to complain. Be the change you want to see by affirming new patterns of thought.

@BCSTARKS over and out! 🙂