Fashion inspiration from around the globe

I’m always inspired by people who love to express themselves through fashion. Through fashion, one feels a sense of individuality, creativity, and freedom to present themselves to the world as they see it. I peeped this really cool spread in Elle showcasing street fashion from around the world. Here are a few of my favorites:

SN: All I could think of while writing this post was Beyoncé’s latest track “Run The World (Girls).”

I ❤ all things FASHION/BEAUTY related!


Barcelona, Spain


Los Angeles



What inspired you today?

I woke up this morning feeling like a billion bucks. Not because something out of the ordinary took place, but because it just felt good to do so. Whenever I feel like this, I am inspired to write in my journal. Yes, I keep a journal, but it consists of mostly good feelings. I’d much rather document things to be happy about because when I read it later on, it just puts me it a good feeling place again. I like to write about the things that I am grateful for, the things that I hope to carry out, the things that I become more aware of, etc… Writing about these things just reminds me that the journey is what life is all about; what we are becoming more of each day. While writing, I usually have a divine moment of peace and clarity about my life’s possibilities, and it deeply humbles me. From there, I feel inspired and more equipped than ever before to tackle whatever comes my way. Mostly because I know that with all that I have become, and with all that I am, I CANNOT LOSE.

The Power of Being Connected

It’s not always easy sticking to a goal. In fact, it takes strong will and determination to weather the many storms that appear along a path. Perseverance is a better word. And if you don’t maintain a healthy connection with a higher source beyond self, its pretty close to impossible to see things through.

Through the years I’ve learned the power of being “connected.” Through it nothing is impossible, and the things that one may fear or feel inadequate to do seemingly disappear. I’ve also learned that unlike the lives we live, which are constantly evolving, the “Source” with which we all connect never changes. It is always there whether we chose to acknowledge it or not. And it serves as an internal guidance system, one that is unique to each of us.

If you want to know whether you are connected to your “source,” pay attention to the way you feel. THE WAY YOU FEEL MEANS EVERYTHING. If you can train yourself to connect to better thoughts, which in turn affect the way you feel, then you will allow yourself more opportunities to seek guidance from you inner source. When you are connected, there is no job too big or small that you can handle. That because Source isn’t just something that exists around or beyond you. It  is divine omnipresence and it lives within.